Susan Brown’s Baby Natural Skincare Review

Susan Brown’s Baby Natural Skincare Review

susan brown's baby natural skincare

Natural Baby Skincare

From the day I found out that I was pregnant, I have been obsessed with sourcing organic, natural, and eco-friendly products for Old World New Baby.  I already knew some brands that I wanted to avoid and others that I wanted to test out.  I was super excited to learn about even more brands along the way.  Instagram is the best place to do that, in my opinion.  Search a hashtag like #naturalparenting and you can find fellow parents, natural parenting conferences, and products.  Instagram is where I discovered Susan Brown’s Baby Natural Skin Care products, and I’m so glad that I happened upon their posts one day.

Susan Brown’s Baby

We’ve tested out the Foaming Shampoo & Body Wash and the Sensitive Baby Nourishing Lotion, and our overall reaction is that of pure delight!  Greyson’s hair and scalp are different from any I’ve experienced before.  He’s biracial, and even though I’ve combed biracial hair before, Greyson’s isn’t like what I’m used to.  It is really thin like his father’s hair, and it gets really oily in just one day.  He also had a little cradle cap that has been difficult to get rid of.  I used grapeseed oil and gently scrubbed his scalp to help get rid of it, which has been beneficial. Using the foaming shampoo has really helped make a difference with truly cleansing his hair.  It doesn’t dry it out, and it smells really lovely.  It is also, of course, cleansing and moisturizing for his body, too.  The shampoo wash is paraben free, as well as free of other yucky chemicals. The nourishing lotion is so luxurious.  Seriously.  It is fragrance-free, but the mixture of natural ingredients inherently emit a light and delicious scent.  It has a silky texture and smoothly hydrates the skin.  Some of the ingredients in the lotion include jojoba oil, and shea and cocoa butters.  It is free of parabens, mineral oil, and fragrances.

More natural baby skincare products

Susan Brown’s Baby also offers other great natural baby skincare products!  The lotion-to-powder revolutionizes powder by removing the talc that makes most powders harmful, and it also goes on as a lotion!  The Botanical Gelée is a natural alternative to petroleum-based baby products like vaseline or diaper creams.  Petroleum actually covers your pores while giving the illusion of moisturizing your skin, which is not healthy for your skin.  Products like the gelée help to truly moisturize and protect the skin from wetness. susan brown's baby natural skincare susan brown's baby natural skincare susan brown's baby natural skincare susan brown's baby natural skincare susan brown's baby natural skincare susan brown's baby natural skincare susan brown's baby natural skincare Bath time can be hit or miss with the little ones.  Some days it’s fun, other days it can be a battle.  Natural products like Susan Brown’s Baby Natural Skin Care line make bath time safe and fun, and the scents help to calm the mood.  If they don’t calm baby down, they’ll at least calm mama or papa haha!  Parents, give Susan Brown’s Baby a try.  Friends, buy them for the sweet babies in your life.  They offer basic gift sets and deluxe gift sets which are great for baby showers or sip-and-sees.  Treat your baby’s skin the best way possibly – that’s naturally! xoxo mamas, papas, and tiny human caregivers Addie

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