Our All-Natural Birth Story

Our All-Natural Birth Story

Like all things Tiny Green Earthling (formerly Old World New Baby) related, we tried to be as natural as possible in our chldbirth journey.  We opted for minimal ultrasounds (we only got 3, and we didn’t find out the gender – that was a surprise), we chose a birth center and midwives, and I gave birth completely unmedicated.  We recorded a video talking about it all, so this post will be short and sweet and include just a few photos we took along the way.

Our Birth Story

Prenatal Journey Photos


The Day Greyson was Born

After he was born around 1 am, we took a nap, ate, and went home all within the next 8 hours.

And now, 3 months later

We hope you enjoyed our birth story video and some of the photos from along the way!  We’d love to hear any questions you have about natural pregnancy and childbirth and stories about your childbirth journey – ask/tell us in the comments below.

xoxo mamas, papas, & tiny human caregivers!


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