7 Natural Pregnancy & Birth Tips

7 Natural Pregnancy & Birth Tips

tips to have a comfortable and safe natural pregnancy and birthMommy has some tips for you

Mommy says that all mommies experience each of their pregnancies differently.  No two pregnancies are the same.  She also told me to tell you that no matter how a pregnancy goes, there are a few things that can definitely help.  These things helped her to have a more comfortable time while carrying me in her belly, and we hope that they can help you, too.  If a more natural pregnancy & birth pique your interest, take these tips into mind to make your pregnancy more comfy, too. Disclaimer: I’m only one year old and mom has an architecture degree, so neither of us are doctors.  It is important that you always check with your doctor before starting anything.  And hey, you may even teach your doctor something if they don’t know these tips!

Papaya Enzyme Pills – Heartburn & Acid Reflux

papaya enzymes natural pregnancy tip heartburn acid reflux - tiny green earthling When heartburn finally kicked in for Mommy (she said it happened late, and I didn’t have much hair so that makes sense if you believe the old wives’ tale about heartburn meaning baby has a lot of hair), her midwife said that Papaya Enzymes were a more natural option to help with the pain.  Papaya enzyme chewable tablets are a digestive enzyme that help to support nutrient absorption.  Poor nutrient absorption can help cause heartburn & reflux.  Our midwife also still recommended traditional medicine if the papaya enzymes didn’t seem to help, but mom said that her heartburn pain was never severe.  The papaya enzymes always helped.  My mommy really recommends the papaya enzymes as a first line of defense.  Mommy also says that they taste really good!

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Magnesium (with Calcium) – Restlessness

natural calm magnesium with calcium during pregnancy to help sleep - tiny green earthling Mom said this helped her to sleep like a tired teenager (since we know newborn babies don’t sleep through the night), and she couldn’t have made it without it.  Towards the end of her pregnancy, I was really big and moving downward into place to be born.  My new position made it difficult for her to sleep at night.  This powdery stuff mixed in water helped her to relax and get more rest than she could without it.  You can also create this drink with juice or warm water like tea.

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 Rice Bags – Comfort for Pain + Cuddling

diy rice bag to help with pain - tiny green earthling Bags of rice.  Sounds like the beginning to a yummy meal, but when you fill a small cloth bag with rice, it can work wonders.  Daddy would put the rice bags in the microwave for a few minutes to heat them up, and while they were still warm, Mommy would place them on her lower back when it was hurting.  They helped her during the painful days of pregnancy, and they comforted me early on in life.  When I was small, we couldn’t really afford a co-sleeper, so mom used the rice bags to make me feel cradled and to keep me from rolling.  I would even cuddle them sometimes!  They don’t get used very often now, but she says if she’s sore for any reason, they’re always good to have on hand.

Almond Oil – Soothing Stretching Skin

NOW natural almond oil for a healthy pregnancy and easy delivery - tiny green earthling This is a bit gross, yet fascinating.  Mom said that while I was crowning (while my head was being delivered), our midwife used almond oil to pour on the area to help stretch it out and prevent tears.  Mom said it was SO helpful!  Aside from mindfulness (being prepared mentally), it helped make delivering me painless for her.  Our midwife likes to note that I had a huge noggin when I was born, haha!  Mom also used almond oil on her belly sometimes when she was pregnant.  It helped to soothe the itching as her skin expanded to accommodate my body as I grew.  Almond oil, or even olive oil, can make natural pregnancy & birth a little less painful.

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Education – Empower Yourself With Knowledge

literature and notes to educate yourself for a wonderful natural pregnancy and birthmom reading ina may gaskins - tiny green earthling Mom says that learning more about her body and how it actually worked to carry, grow, and birth me was an intelligent choice for her and Dad to make.  The classes that she and Daddy took prepared them for natural birth and also for what would need to happen in case of an emergency delivery.  She says it is best to know all of your options so that you don’t get afraid if something happens in a way that you didn’t plan. My parents took classes with a local group of doulas at Natural Beginnings.  The class was a hands-on, in-depth, intimate, and informal learning atmosphere.  They met at the doula’s home with 3 other expecting couples a learned about everything from the phases of pregnancy to the best ways positions for labor (hint: it’s not on your back).  Like the cared says in the photo above, mom delivered me – “side-lying with top leg elevated.”  Dad held her top leg, our midwife made sure everything went safely and smoothly, and when it was time to “catch” me, Dad and the midwife switched spots and he delivered me! Books can be helpful, too.  Mom purchased a lot of books but she felt like they were all ultimately the same.  The only book that she read thoroughly, connected to, and enjoyed was “Ina May’s Guide To Childbirth.”  It’s not much of a guide – it is more testimonials and real stories from women who have had natural childbirth.  I think that’s why she really loved it!

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Doula – Help From A Loving Source

dads as doulas - tiny green earthling A doula is a person who helps women in childbirth.  Mom says that doulas are usually women who have been trained to help pregnant women leading up to and during delivery.  They typically have also assisted several other women during their pregnancy and childbirth processes.  Midwives often serve as doulas, or you can hire a doula separately from your doctor or midwife.  Daddy was Mommy’s doula.  The midwives at our birth center encouraged partners (like dad) to be the doula because they are closest to the parents giving birth.  Dad did a great job delivering me!  You can hear him talk all about it in our birth story video.

Mindset – Manifest Your Ideal Natural Pregnancy & Birth

meditation manifestation affirmations during pregnacy for an easy birth - tiny green earthling Mommy really tried to focus on believing in herself and her body when she was pregnant.  She said it can be scary when you listen to people who only say that birth is horrible, so she chose to tune them out.  Mom tried to talk to people who encouraged her and who were genuinely excited about her choice for a natural birth.  She even wrote a list of Positive Affirmations for Pregnancy to help.  When she had the time, she would repeat them to herself.  Saying positive affirmations over and over helps you to focus on the good things that you want to happen and really believe in them.   Mom believes that having this positive and empowered mindset, helper her to speak an easy natural birth into existence.  I’m glad it was relatively easy for her to give birth to me!

I’ve been told that being pregnant is beautiful, but difficult.  The kind of thing that makes you want to laugh and smile, happy cry and ugly cry, and sleep all day long.  Mom knows that love/hate relationship with pregnancy – that’s why she wanted us to share these tips to help you love it a little more.  We hope that this post helps you or someone that you love during their pregnancy so that it is a little easier! xoxo Mamas, Papas & Tiny human caregivers, Greyson & Mom

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