Mother’s & Father’s Day Gift Guide for Expecting Parents

Mother’s & Father’s Day Gift Guide for Expecting Parents

Mother's & Father's Day Guide - Expecting

As soon as you find out that you’re expecting for the first time, there is so much excitement around the simple thought of being a parent.  And although you’ve only ever known your baby in utero, it doesn’t make you feel like any less of a mother or father.  In honor of being on the road to becoming a mommy or daddy, why not start celebrating those momentous holidays early?  Here is a natural guide to treating the future mom and dad in your life.

For Mom-to-be:

  • Pampering
    • Prenatal Massage
    • Hair cut or styling at her favorite salon/with her favorite beautician
    • Manicure and Pedicure at a modern nail salon that doesn’t have a strong fume scent, such as Bellacures (click to see if one is near you).  They even offer an All-Natural Mani & Pedi (click to see my review), which is great for your pregnant body, as everything you apply to your body can get into your blood stream.  Apply natural things!
  • A gift from the baby registry that she eagerly wants
  • A pregnancy pillow, like the Snoogle Total Body Pillow.
  • Jewelry that will come in handy once baby arrives, like these à la mum teething necklaces and bracelets.

For Dad-to-be:

  • Daddy Duty kit/Daddy Tool Belt or First Week Survival Kit
    • fill it with things he loves and things you know he wants to teach/pass on to your child
  • Guys night out plan
    • help him plan a fun guys night out with the guys!  Buy some beers, send them to Top Golf.  Or just let them wing it with an uninterrupted Guys’ Night Out.

For both:

  • Coordinating tshirts/outfits (this can work no matter the gender).  You can find these in etsy, instagram shops, and work at home mom shops.
  • Keepsakes with baby’s name (or with space to add the baby’s name if you are currently undecided)
  • Indulge in the other’s favorite activity
    • If dad wants to go to a baseball game, go with him and pull out all the stops!  Get good seats, buy him some beers and a souvenir!
    • If mom wants to go hiking, plan a trip to a nice hiking trail and spend the day in nature with her.

These are the last days that it will be just the two of you.  Don’t let the thought of that overwhelm you (that’s what I keep telling myself haha!).  Yes, life is about to change drastically.  The days ahead are bound to be full of joy, sleepless nights, and so much LOVE!  Enjoy these prenatal days by indulging in each other, what each other loves, and by pampering each other.

xoxo mamas, papas, & tiny human caregivers!


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