Minimalist Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

Minimalist Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

minimalist holiday Christmas guide for kids

We’re having a minimalist holiday! Mom said that she and Dad should teach me about what Christmas is really about – giving, spreading love, and basking in the holiday cheer. She says I have so many toys already, and she really doesn’t like how the holidays have become all about shopping. Therefore, she has set a limit on the number of gifts that I get each year. FOUR. Yep, just four. Well, she says that FOUR is the number to start with. These four categories stuck with her because she felt like they exemplified all that one really needs without going overboard. Want, Need, Wear, Read. I may or may not receive more from mom and dad, depending on what they want to get me now and what I may want when I’m older. They definitely won’t restrict or dictate what other people get me.

FOUR Gifts for Christmas


guitar for Christmas Tiny Green Earthling
I love music! I like to help daddy play his guitar, and I play drums that my YaYa got me for my birthday. Mom and Dad say that I’m going to bang on pots and pans and other instruments no matter what, so why not get me started early with real instruments. I want my own guitar and other instruments, so that’s will fill my WANT gift. My Lolli and Pops are getting me a drum set keyboard. I just may be your future American Idol or musician!

NEEDbackpack for Christmas Tiny Green Earthling

I love to carry back packs, keys, shopping bags, and more. Mama has decided that I need my own backpack. This one is perfect for my size! Mama can also use it when we’re out in public because I’m an independent baby and I like to walk alone. I don’t like to hold anyone’s hand!

WEARcloth diaper for Christmas Tiny Green Earthling

According to mama, baby clothes come and go too fast. She cleans out my closet every three months because that’s how fast I outgrow clothes. She goes to the thrift store every season and stocks up on new clothes for me. This year she even got a few new pieces from Walmart.

the barefoot book of children book for Christmas Tiny Green Earthling

I love books, you can see it with my weekly installment of Greyson’s Book of the Week! Mama even became a Barefoot Books Ambassador to share our love for books in the form of a small business. She gives books as gifts to our cousins and other young family members. If you ever ask her what to get me, she’ll tell you to get a book. Our favorite book to recommend is The Barefoot Book of Children because it shows diverse children from all over the world. My Christmas book will either be Christmas Around The World CD or Dinosaur Rap (or maybe both haha). Maybe even The Twelve Days of Christmas? Mom can’t decide, and I won’t complain if I get all of them!

There you have it. We’re having a simple Christmas and mom and dad hope to keep it up for many Christmases to come. Mom wants me to learn to appreciate everything and make Christmas one of cheer and love versus making it all about me. Hopefully this works! She says parenting is not a perfect science.

Want a few more WANT, NEED, WEAR, READ gift suggestions? Check out the ones below.

xoxo Mamas, Papas, and Tiny Earthling caregivers
– Greyson King

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