A Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide for Kids

A Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide for Kids

Christmas is just two weeks away, and  we see many parents struggling to figure out what to get the new kids in their lives.  We have a list of great organic and ethically created gifts for your little ones!  On one of the biggest “giving” days in the world, give things that are good for the earth and that help the people who create them.  Tell your children about these amazing characteristics of the gifts you give them.  Tell them that the people who created them are paid fair wages and treated with dignity.  Tell them that the cotton was not sprayed with pesticides.  Tell them in hopes that you will plant a seed of the need to be green within our future generations.  Hopefully they will see the importance of treating our earth and other people with love, care, and delicacy.  Teach the little ones to love natural things and to sustain this one world that we call home.  Happy holidays, y’all!

Sustainable Baby Gift Guide

xoxo mamas, papas, & tiny human caregivers,

Addie – Greyson’s Mom

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