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Hemp Overnight Cloth Diaper Solution

Overnight Cloth Diaper Solution

I’ve been using cloth diapers since I was about a week old. After I turned one, the regular overnight cloth diaper just wasn’t working anymore, and mom was ready to throw in the towel! One day we visited our local cloth diaper shop (The Crunchy Boutique) and the owner told us about Pooters Diapers. Mom tried one and we were convinced. Now we have 3 Hemp Fitted diapers by Pooters in rotation! These diapers hold the most amount of liquid (18-31 oz), making leaks nearly nonexistent.

Hemp is Good for the Earth

Hemp makes great diapers because it can hold a lot of liquid and it is gentle enough to be in contact against the skin. Mom’s post about HEMP tells of all the great benefits of this plant. It can be food, paper, building materials, and cloth. It was used for thousands of years before it was criminalized. Hemp is antimicrobial and a lot more durable than cotton. The Constitution of the United States of America was written on hemp paper! It is an amazing plant with so many uses, and it is more eco-friendly than many of its mainstream counterparts like paper made from trees and cloth made from cotton.

Nap time & Bedtime Hemp Diaper 

Mom made nap time into a photo shoot! Here’s my Pooters Hemp Fitted Diaper in action.

xoxo mamas, papas, and Tiny Green Earthling,
Greyson King



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