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Greyson’s 1st Birthday Giveaway

natural baby products giveaway tiny green earthlingI AM ONE YEAR OLD!

That’s right, people. My parents did it – they kept me alive and even managed to teach me a lot over the course of my first year of life. We’re all so excited, and I had a wonderful first birthday party to celebrate (mommy will blog all about it soon).

Your gift to me

My first birthday wish from you all was to help me plant trees for reforestation right here in the USA. I’m so happy that we have so far raised over $115 between my donation page and Facebook donations. You can continue donating at any time!

My gift to YOU!

I’m so grateful for the love y’all show this lil’ one year old. Mom said “humbled.” It’s awesome. We should all keep giving, right? RIGHT! My birthday gift to y’all is a chance to win some pretty amazing natural baby products. Visit my Instagram page (this post) to learn how to officially enter. Here are the brands that were so gracious to help us with this giveaway by giving one of YOU some of their amazing products! The giveaway is open to US residents only from 06 September 2017 – 20 September 2017. Winner will be announced on 21 September 2017. Instagram has nothing to do with it.

Beachfront Baby

I am a beachfront baby rep and I have the exact same sling that they will be gifting to the winner of this contest! The Repreve material in this Beachfront Baby sling is a breathable mesh made from recycled water bottles. How cool is that?! Recycled Beachfront Baby Sling made with Repreve® (purchase here) Value: $65

The Tiniest Seeds

This shop is owned by a mama blogger like my mama! She makes fun, natural, and beautiful things for little one like me. This organic cloud will be so much fun (and SAFE) for your baby to chew on and play with. You can add it to your baby gym or even a DIY mobile above your baby’s bed. Organic Cotton Cloud Toy, Baby Gym Toy (purchase here) Value: $12  

Little Ocean’s Fluff

Mama loves other mama entrepreneurs like herself. Little Ocean’s Fluff is made by a mom who loves to cloth like we do! Who can say no to a UNICORN cloth diaper? Seriously. Galaxy Unicorn Pocked Diaper (purchase here) Value: $8

Susan Brown’s Baby – Naturals

What you put ON your skin matters because it affects what’s INSIDE. Mom avoided the overly-perfumed baby hygiene products (her words, she likes to “tell it like it is”), and went for all-natural alternatives. Susan Brown’s Baby happens to be our favorite because of how well it works and the amazing light and natural scents they have. Sensitive Baby Nourshing Lotion (purchase here) Value: $13.99

Hook & Loom

Natural rugs. I was eavesdropping as Mom was having a conversation with one of her friends the other day and I found out that her friend didn’t even KNOW that a thing like “eco-friendly and natural rugs” exists! Well, folks, as mama says: “Everything can be one [and made] sustainably.” Hook & Loom has eco-friendly process to make their rugs and to protect the planet, and they are an ethical company that empower their employees instead of using and abusing them. They are providing our biggest prize – a 5×8 rug! Rugs are expensive, according to mama, so this sounds like a GREAT prize. Mom and I love their motto: “flatter your floor. protect the planet.” We stand behind that phrase 100% Toulouse Green/White Eco Cotton Loom-Hooked Rug (purchase here) Value: $320


Enter the Giveaway

Here are the steps you need to follow in order to enter this natural baby products giveaway:

1) Follow these pages on instagram:

@tinygreenearthling @beachfrontbaby @susanbrownsbaby @thetiniestseeds @littleoceansfluff

2) Sign up!

Head to our current home page (click the tinygreenearthling logo at the top of this page) and enter your information in the appropriate area: natural baby products giveaway Tiny Green Earthling
There you have it! Mommy and I are so thankful for each and every one of you and your continued support. xoxo mama, papas, and Tiny Earthling caregivers, Greyson King



Greyson King

Just a one year old boy living a natural lifestyle with Mommy, Daddy, and my pup Boston.