Frozen Jr. Live at the Firehouse Theater – Dallas, TX

Frozen Jr. is now LIVE at the Firehouse Theater in Dallas, Texas. Performances will be going on through October 13, 2019. You can purchase your tickets through the Firehouse Theater website.

We were able to meet Elsa & Olaf after watching their amazing performance. The students that performed were such professionals.They sang and acted so well, and we had a BLAST! Greyson just learned the song “Let It Go” earlier that day because he missed the Frozen craze by a few years before he was born, but he was completely entranced by the show. You can see it before it’s over, too! Get your tickets and take your little ones to see Frozen Jr. live, now through October 13.

I also learned that the movie talks about hygge with song and dance, and absolutely loved that part. The song was hilarious and it also explained the hygge lifestyle very well, breaking it down in a way that kids can understand! I love when fun shows actually add an educational and culturally relevant component.

This is definitely a show you don’t want your little ones to miss. See Elsa, Anna, Olaf and the whole crew in real life and enjoy a live version of Frozen all at Firehouse Theater Jr.

Professional photos by Brandon Tijerina

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