First Trimester Necessities – According to Real Mamas


Every pregnancy is different, but here are a few things that some mamas say they ABSOLUTELY NEEDED to make it through their first trimester of pregnancy.  This is a time of major changes to our body as it prepares to be the home to our new little being for the majority of the year following your conception date.  It’s exciting, yet scary at the same time, because our body is doing a whole lot of new things that we aren’t used to (especially first time moms).

My list:

  • Prenatal Vitamins – Rainbow Light’s Prenatal One Food-based multivitamin, sold at Whole Foods Market
  • Ginger Ale by Canada Dry – I love the 8 oz. mini can sizes since I’m not normally a soda/pop/coke (however you identify it where you’re from) 
  • Body Pillow – I currently have a typical long body pillow, but I’d love a Snoogle

Let’s see what other mamas from my September birth club needed the most to get through their first trimester:

“My husband’s support … we had low progesterone and doctors wouldn’t help. But this baby made it! If hubby wasn’t here I would have never had faith” – Lesley

“Trader-Joes Gingeroo cookies! They have chunks of real ginger and they taste good!” – Lauren

“[A] comfy place to nap. I was so obviously exhausted and nauseas that I would take one, sometimes two, two hour naps a day! Hubby was very sweet about taking care of #1 to let me nap too smile emoticon My son and I had lots of cuddly naps together though! haha” – Joy

“Crackers beside my bedside table and in my purse at all times!” – anon

“A comfortable place to nap!” – anon

Diclegis haha. That and mints or jolly ranchers.” – anon

Mint life savors for nausea, body pillow and my fruit infuser water bottle. It helps me to drink enough water.” – anon
“Mints helped some! Ginger ale I couldn’t stomach. I think it was the carbonation. Toast and crackers by the bed are a must.” – anon
“I have eaten those soft melt in your mouth peppermints like you see all over at Christmas, then moved to lemon drops, then Trident fruit flavored gum. I lived on all crackers, grits, toast or bagels early on. My drinks have been LA Croix, Shirley Temples, I sipped on regular coke for a little bit in the beginning and now it makes me sick. I was also never able to drink ginger ale or never did it help.” – anon

What helped you other mamas make it through the trenches of the first trimester?  If you’re a new mama, hopefully some of these tips will come in handy for you.  Stay tuned to see how we survive the 2nd trimester, 3rd trimester, and birth!

xoxo, mamas, papas & tiny human caregivers



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