Top 10 Eco-Friendly Baby Products at Target

Top 10 Eco-Friendly Baby Products at Target

eco-friendly at target baby productsMommy loves Target, I just go along for the ride and hope she gets me something. My hope usually comes true. The Starbucks juice and milk are… juice and milk. They makes me happy. My favorite is the toy aisle. Oh! And The Dollar Spot. Mommy likes EVERY aisle. I mean EVERY AISLE. We go up and down them several times. I’m not exactly sure why, but it seems to make her happy. Of course we always visit the eco-friendly aisle and areas. These are the eco-friendly baby products that we love at Target.

Top 10 Eco-Friend Baby Products at Target

10. Baby Wipes

water wipes baby wipes eco-friendly baby products at TargetWater Wipes Sensitive Baby Wipes
Mom hates overly scented things, and I can understand why. There’s really no need to perfume your bottom. So here are mom’s top pick for unscented and gentle baby wipes. 

9. B. Toys

b. toys eco-friendly baby products at TargetB. Toys Alphabet Tiles
B. Toys has a mission to inspire kids and also protect the planet. They us soy-based inks, minimize the use of packaging, use recycled  and recyclable materials, and encouraging consumers to B. nice to the planet.

8. Diapers

seventh generation baby diapers eco-friendly baby products at TargetSeventh Generation Diapers
We use cloth diapers 99% of the time, but we buy Seventh Generation diapers when we ned disposable diapers!

7. Bath Products

Shea Moisture baby products eco-friendly baby at TargetShea Moisture Mommy & Baby
Shea Moisture is a small all-natural brand that has made it to to big shelves at Target while not compromising their natural values. 

6. Play House

little tikes go green playhouse eco-friendly baby products shopping at TargetLittle Tikes Go Green Playhouse
This is on my wishlist! It is a playhouse that uses playing to teach about eco-friendly concepts. Solar panel, LED lights, rainwater collection, living roof, gardening, recycling bins, and more. This is the playhouse of my mommy’s dream, too!

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xoxo Mamas, Papas, & Tiny Earthling Caregivers!
Greyson (& Addie, his Mommy)

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