An Easter Basket of Thrifted Books

An Easter Basket of Thrifted Books

Easter Gifts

Apparently Easter is turning into a mini-Christmas these days. Mom’s words, not mine. I haven’t been around for 2 years yet, but she’s ancient (almost 30, that’s a big number, right?), so she would know better than me. According to mom, the last thing I needed for Easter was more toys.

Quality over Quantity

Mom’s on this whole new kick about limiting the amount of toys I have an replacing it with meaningful items and experiences. She’s been reading a lot more about the Maria Montessori Method, and now she sees how too many toys are a distraction, don’t actually help me learn in the best way possible, and keep my mind jumping from item to item instead of focusing on and mastering one thing. She hid a lot of my toys in the closet, and I really didn’t even notice or care because I still have a lot to play with. I guess I’m cool with it! I still have fun, so why would I complain? But she said I can never have too many books!

An Easter Basket of Thrifted Books

Last year, my basket included books, shoes, and snacks. Guess what she did this year? A BASKET OF BOOKS! She found my entire gift at the thrift store. I really love it. She found an entire collection of “Disney’s Small World Library” and purchased some of those, like Italy, Sweden, and Kenya. I also got a book about a fire engine, and a book of prayer that is just my size. I like to read it to Mama & Daddy.

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