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Easter Gifts

Apparently Easter is turning into a mini-Christmas these days. Mom’s words, not mine. I haven’t been around for 2 years yet, but she’s ancient (almost 30, that’s a big number, right?), so she would know better than me. According to mom, the last thing I needed for Easter was more toys.

Quality over Quantity

Mom’s on this whole new kick about limiting the amount of toys I have an replacing it with meaningful items and experiences. She’s been reading a lot more about the Maria Montessori Method, and now she sees how too many toys are a distraction, don’t actually help me learn in the best way possible, and keep my mind jumping from item to item instead of focusing on and mastering one thing. She hid a lot of my toys in the closet, and I really didn’t even notice or care because I still have a lot to play with. I guess I’m cool with it! I still have fun, so why would I complain? But she said I can never have too many books!

An Easter Basket of Thrifted Books

Last year, my basket included books, shoes, and snacks. Guess what she did this year? A BASKET OF BOOKS! She found my entire gift at the thrift store. I really love it. She found an entire collection of “Disney’s Small World Library” and purchased some of those, like Italy, Sweden, and Kenya. I also got a book about a fire engine, and a book of prayer that is just my size. I like to read it to Mama & Daddy.

thrifted books thrifted books thrifted booksthrifted books

Shopping, Style & Clothing, Thrift
Mom and I went to the thrift store to make up for my latest growth spurt. 12 month clothes don’t really fit anymore, so I need 18 months, 24 months, and 2T clothes now! Mom loves “Half Price Days,” which are usually on holidays. So on the special 79 cents kids clothes and toys day thrift store sale & Presidents Day, we went thrifting! Overall, she spent less than $25 on me. Brand names in our haul include GAP, Polo, and a few one of kind pieces. We even got our Black Panther cosplay outfit from the thrift store. You can read how she made my shirt from an adult sized shirt over on her blog – Black Panther Cosplay DIY. Check out the pictures below, and see you next time!
I hope you go thrifting for your little ones, too! If you do, what has been your favorite find? xoxo mamas, papas, and Tiny Green Earthling caregivers Greyson King

Home Decor, Thrift

Black, White, and Wood Tones

“Vintage modern gender-neutral nursery” – that’s Mama’s description of my all-white nursery with black triangle decal accent wall and vintage wooden furniture. Mom loves my nursery – it’s her favorite room in the house. Based on the amount of love and work she put into it, I see why! I like it a lot, too. My favorite part is the newly new “Montessori” area. It has a mirror, instruments, my rocking chair, and lots of wooden toys.
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Shopping, Style & Clothing, Thrift
I shopped at thrift stores to stock up on their gender-neutral clothes before Greyson was born.  We wanted to be surprised so we opted to not find out his gender!  I found the cutest newborn clothes, and it was exciting shopping for our baby-to-be.  Now, we go to the thrift stores together and find all of the cute baby boy clothes that he can fit.  We love holiday sales where we get half off of all of the clothes at their already low prices.  It is even more fun and exciting anticipating his next stage in life and the upcoming season. When I shop, I buy his clothes a little too big.  It would really defeat the act of saving money by thrift shopping if I buy clothes that are too little, right?  We had fun taking photos of Greyson’s first thrift haul.  We made this haul in November and the clothes are for the winter season.  He was 2-3 months old and we purchased 3 month and 3-6 month clothes.

What We Found for Baby at the Thrift Store

Some of our finds include zip-up footed onesie (we love those better than button-up footed onesies), plaid button-up shirts, Christmas pajamas, baseball tees, an All-Star baseball outfit, sweat pants (which are soooo cute on babies), and a corduroy overall and plaid button-up outfit.  Brand name finds include Carters (plaid shirts), Gap (pants/sweats), Okie Dokie, and apparently Pooh has his own brand of clothes, too!  Read about how a Winnie the Pooh shirt was my first official thrift store purchase when I was a young girl.  Josh’s mom kept the Pooh bear book from when he was a little boy, so now it’s like a family heirloom.  It further establishes Pooh Bear as a special part of our family story! baby surrounded by clothes from thrift store baby surrounded by clothes from thrift store baby surrounded by clothes from thrift store Carters baby clothes found at a thrift store Carters baby clothes found at a thrift store winnie the pooh outfit from thrift store and heirloom book Join us on social media by following Old World New Baby on Facebook and Instagram, and by using the hashtag #oldworldnewbaby for your natural and thrifty baby adventures! xoxo mamas, papas, and tiny human caregivers Addie