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Mom and I went to the thrift store to make up for my latest growth spurt. 12 month clothes don’t really fit anymore, so I need 18 months, 24 months, and 2T clothes now! Mom loves “Half Price Days,” which are usually on holidays. So on the special 79 cents kids clothes and toys day thrift store sale & Presidents Day, we went thrifting! Overall, she spent less than $25 on me. Brand names in our haul include GAP, Polo, and a few one of kind pieces. We even got our Black Panther cosplay outfit from the thrift store. You can read how she made my shirt from an adult sized shirt over on her blog – Black Panther Cosplay DIY. Check out the pictures below, and see you next time! I hope you go thrifting for your little ones, too! If you do, what has been your favorite find? xoxo mamas, papas, and Tiny Green Earthling caregivers Greyson King

All Natural

Greyson Turned One

Greyson’s first birthday party (September 2017) mimicked his baby shower with the colors of white, black and gold. The theme was vintage music with our record player set out and the kids creating musical instruments of their own to take home! We’ve stuck with classic black, white, and gold colors for his baby shower and for his bedroom decor, as well. He loves music a lot, so we incorporated that into his 1st birthday party, too. I made most of the decor at home, including the backdrops, with help from one of my friends. Most pieces were simple items sourced from Dollar Tree, Five Below, and Walmart.

Decorations, Food, & More


I used streamers from Dollar Tree (black & white) & Target (gold) and attached them with tape to my photography backdrop stand.


My sister-in-law is the owner and creator of Kelli B Cakes and she created Greyson’s birthday cake and cupcakes.

“ONE” Rag Tie Banner

Nancy of Nancy Kimsey of Little Lassies LLC creates beautiful photography props, ragtime banners, and other sewn items.

Piano Keys Diaper

We had to have a matching diaper for his birthday theme, and Alva Baby was my go-to place for it! They have several styles and prints and they are one of the most cost-effective diaper brands that provide good quality diapers.

xoxo mamas, papas, & tiny green earthling caregivers,
(Greyson’s Mom)

Cloth Diaper Style Series, Cloth Diapers

Overnight Cloth Diaper Solution

I’ve been using cloth diapers since I was about a week old. After I turned one, the regular overnight cloth diaper just wasn’t working anymore, and mom was ready to throw in the towel! One day we visited our local cloth diaper shop (The Crunchy Boutique) and the owner told us about Pooters Diapers. Mom tried one and we were convinced. Now we have 3 Hemp Fitted diapers by Pooters in rotation! These diapers hold the most amount of liquid (18-31 oz), making leaks nearly nonexistent.

Hemp is Good for the Earth

Hemp makes great diapers because it can hold a lot of liquid and it is gentle enough to be in contact against the skin. Mom’s post about HEMP tells of all the great benefits of this plant. It can be food, paper, building materials, and cloth. It was used for thousands of years before it was criminalized. Hemp is antimicrobial and a lot more durable than cotton. The Constitution of the United States of America was written on hemp paper! It is an amazing plant with so many uses, and it is more eco-friendly than many of its mainstream counterparts like paper made from trees and cloth made from cotton.

Nap time & Bedtime Hemp Diaper 

Mom made nap time into a photo shoot! Here’s my Pooters Hemp Fitted Diaper in action.

xoxo mamas, papas, and Tiny Green Earthling,
Greyson King


Mom said that she and Dad should teach me about what Christmas is really about – giving, spreading love, and basking in the holiday cheer. She says I have so many toys already, and she really doesn’t like how the holidays have become all about shopping. Therefore, she has set a limit on the number of gifts that I get each year. FOUR. Yep, just four. Well, she says that FOUR is the number to start with. keep reading

All Natural
eco-friendly at target baby productsMommy loves Target, I just go along for the ride and hope she gets me something. My hope usually comes true. The Starbucks juice and milk are… juice and milk. They makes me happy. My favorite is the toy aisle. Oh! And The Dollar Spot. Mommy likes EVERY aisle. I mean EVERY AISLE. We go up and down them several times. I’m not exactly sure why, but it seems to make her happy. Of course we always visit the eco-friendly aisle and areas. These are the eco-friendly baby products that we love at Target. keep reading

Children are made readers on the laps of their parents
– Emilie Buchwald
From Addie, Greyson’s Mom:

Why we feature Greyson’s Book of the Week

Access to books at home is imperative to foster high literacy and learning skills for children. No matter what your income, skin color, or background is, books really do “take you places.” We try to read to/with Greyson every night. We’re not perfect – we may go 2 weeks without reading, but then we pick back up like we never left off. It is amazing to see how he already mimics reading. He LOVES it. We want to share our love for reading with you each week in hopes that you’ll learn about fun books and get a laugh out of our goofy antics. keep reading

Home Decor, Thrift

Black, White, and Wood Tones

“Vintage modern gender-neutral nursery” – that’s Mama’s description of my all-white nursery with black triangle decal accent wall and vintage wooden furniture. Mom loves my nursery – it’s her favorite room in the house. Based on the amount of love and work she put into it, I see why! I like it a lot, too. My favorite part is the newly new “Montessori” area. It has a mirror, instruments, my rocking chair, and lots of wooden toys.
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All Natural, Natural Pregnancy

tips to have a comfortable and safe natural pregnancy and birthMommy has some tips for you

Mommy says that all mommies experience each of their pregnancies differently.  No two pregnancies are the same.  She also told me to tell you that no matter how a pregnancy goes, there are a few things that can definitely help.  These things helped her to have a more comfortable time while carrying me in her belly, and we hope that they can help you, too.  If a more natural pregnancy & birth pique your interest, take these tips into mind to make your pregnancy more comfy, too. Disclaimer: I’m only one year old and mom has an architecture degree, so neither of us are doctors.  It is important that you always check with your doctor before starting anything.  And hey, you may even teach your doctor something if they don’t know these tips!

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