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eco-friendly at target baby productsMommy loves Target, I just go along for the ride and hope she gets me something. My hope usually comes true. The Starbucks juice and milk are… juice and milk. They makes me happy. My favorite is the toy aisle. Oh! And The Dollar Spot. Mommy likes EVERY aisle. I mean EVERY AISLE. We go up and down them several times. I’m not exactly sure why, but it seems to make her happy. Of course we always visit the eco-friendly aisle and areas. These are the eco-friendly baby products that we love at Target.

Top 10 Eco-Friend Baby Products at Target

10. Baby Wipes

water wipes baby wipes eco-friendly baby products at TargetWater Wipes Sensitive Baby Wipes
Mom hates overly scented things, and I can understand why. There’s really no need to perfume your bottom. So here are mom’s top pick for unscented and gentle baby wipes. 

9. B. Toys

b. toys eco-friendly baby products at TargetB. Toys Alphabet Tiles
B. Toys has a mission to inspire kids and also protect the planet. They us soy-based inks, minimize the use of packaging, use recycled  and recyclable materials, and encouraging consumers to B. nice to the planet.

8. Diapers

seventh generation baby diapers eco-friendly baby products at TargetSeventh Generation Diapers
We use cloth diapers 99% of the time, but we buy Seventh Generation diapers when we ned disposable diapers!

7. Bath Products

Shea Moisture baby products eco-friendly baby at TargetShea Moisture Mommy & Baby
Shea Moisture is a small all-natural brand that has made it to to big shelves at Target while not compromising their natural values. 

6. Play House

little tikes go green playhouse eco-friendly baby products shopping at TargetLittle Tikes Go Green Playhouse
This is on my wishlist! It is a playhouse that uses playing to teach about eco-friendly concepts. Solar panel, LED lights, rainwater collection, living roof, gardening, recycling bins, and more. This is the playhouse of my mommy’s dream, too!

Read 1-5 on my Mommy’s blog – Old World New!

xoxo Mamas, Papas, & Tiny Earthling Caregivers!
Greyson (& Addie, his Mommy)

Children are made readers on the laps of their parents
– Emilie Buchwald
From Addie, Greyson’s Mom:

Why we feature Greyson’s Book of the Week

Access to books at home is imperative to foster high literacy and learning skills for children. No matter what your income, skin color, or background is, books really do “take you places.” We try to read to/with Greyson every night. We’re not perfect – we may go 2 weeks without reading, but then we pick back up like we never left off. It is amazing to see how he already mimics reading. He LOVES it. We want to share our love for reading with you each week in hopes that you’ll learn about fun books and get a laugh out of our goofy antics.

Quick Facts:

Early Childhood Literacy

• If a child reads as much as one million words per year, they will be in top 2% of all children on standardized reading tests. If a child reads as little as 8000 words per year, they will be in bottom 2% of all children on standardized reading tests. Therefore, if you read 3,000 words every day you will be in the top 2%. If you read 20 words every day, you will be in the bottom 2%.
• “Reading a lot” is one of the most powerful methods of increasing uency, vocabulary, [and] comprehension.
• Studies have proven that increased family engagement in educational programs is linked with increases in child reading achievement and other academic successes (such as high school graduation rates.) 
Books are uniquely portable magic.
-Stephen King

Watch me read my book! – Greyson

This Week’s Featured Books

Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?

A classic book by Eric Carle, the Polar Bear board book talks about different animals that kids can easily recognize.
Amazon // Target 

Sophie’s Colors

We purchased this book as part of a set including a Sophie teething toy, but you can find similar Sophie books that explore colors, numbers, and more!
Amazon (similar) // Target (similar) // buybuy Baby (same)

Animal Alphabet: An Educational Book

This book was given to us, so we don’t know the source. No worries, though – we found similar ones that your kids will love to learn from.
Amazon (similar) // Target (similar)

We’ve loved sharing these books with you and we can’t wait to share more! What books are you any your tiny earthlings reading this week?

That’s all for now.
xoxo mamas, papas, & tiny earthling caregivers,
Greyson King (& his Mama, Addie)

Home Decor, Thrift

Black, White, and Wood Tones

“Vintage modern gender-neutral nursery” – that’s Mama’s description of my all-white nursery with black triangle decal accent wall and vintage wooden furniture. Mom loves my nursery – it’s her favorite room in the house. Based on the amount of love and work she put into it, I see why! I like it a lot, too. My favorite part is the newly new “Montessori” area. It has a mirror, instruments, my rocking chair, and lots of wooden toys.

Mom took these photos to remember my nursery before we transition to a toddler room. Dad stayed up a lot of nights painting the walls and ceiling completely white and removing the door from the closet when Mommy was in her “demanding nesting” phase. Mommy didn’t finish the entire room before I was born – she kept adding to the design over the past year. Want to know how she create a vintage modern nursery all for less than $400? Keep reading to see how she made it happen! But first, the pictures:

My (Greyson’s) Vintage Modern Gender-Neutral Nursery

Vintage Modern Gender Neutral Nursery Vintage Modern Gender Neutral Nursery Vintage Modern Gender Neutral Nursery Vintage Modern Gender Neutral Nursery Vintage Modern Gender Neutral Nursery Vintage Modern Gender Neutral Nursery Vintage Modern Gender Neutral Nursery Vintage Modern Gender Neutral Nursery Vintage Modern Gender Neutral Nursery Vintage Modern Gender Neutral Nursery Vintage Modern Gender Neutral Nursery Vintage Modern Gender Neutral Nursery Vintage Modern Gender Neutral Nursery Vintage Modern Gender Neutral Nursery Vintage Modern Gender Neutral Nursery Vintage Modern Gender Neutral Nursery Vintage Modern Gender Neutral Nursery Vintage Modern Gender Neutral Nursery Vintage Modern Gender Neutral Nursery Vintage Modern Gender Neutral Nursery Vintage Modern Gender Neutral Nursery

Everything in the Room + Prices

Crib – $50 (friend)
Glider + Gliding Stool – $70 (resale app)
Dresser – $40 (estate sale)
Mirror on Dresser – $6 & then painted – old & from Goodwill
4 Framed photos on wall + 1 on dresser – $1/each ($5 total) at a thrift store half price sale – photos inside free during a Shutterfly promotion
Bookshelf – $6 at a local thrift shop + added remainder of contact paper to the back panel
Bib Basket in closet – less than $5 at a local thrift shop
Changing table turned closet storage shelf – $0, free from family friend
Blue Baby Rocking Chair – it has been in my family for over 70 years!
White sheer curtains – $4 at a local thrift shop
Wooden peg toy – $2 at a local thrift shop
Wooden xylophone – $2 at a local thrift shop
Wooden folding chair – $10 at a local antique shop
Ship on bookshelf – family gift

Black curtains – Mom has had them since she was in college
Mirror in Montessori Area – Dad has owned it for a long time
Bench below hanging shelves – Mom purchased it from a thrift store a long time ago and reupholstered it for her own room

Created by Mama
Mobile – A DIY by Mom (see: DIY Mobile for $10 – Mom blogged about if for the MommyCon website)
Suspended Leather Strap Wooden Shelves – A DIY by Mom (see: DIY Leather & Wood Shelf)
Updated Canvas Art – A DIY by Mom (see: DIY Artwork Makeover On A Budget)
Gold crown canvas art – Mom’s work – she owned the canvas and painted over her previous painting to create this crown to symbolize my middle name, “King.”
Pennant Flag, “you are my sunshine” – Mom sewed it and painted it using all eco-friendly products that she already owned (organic cotton cloth, organic cotton yarn, and paint that is less harmful than most)
“G” – $5 craft store purchase, painted
Crown on G – Mom crocheted it from a free online pattern with yarn that she already had
Arrow – $5 purchased from Target + stained with varnish that Mom already owned
Triangle decals – $11 for the black contact paper, and mom measured and cut the decals out herself (see video on DIY Leather & Wood Shelf for DIY instructions)

Purchased New
Gifts from others – drum set, stuffed animals, animal toy box
Batman framed art – $10 on sale at Hobby Lobby Sale
TeePee framed art $2 on sale at Hobby Lobby
Paint – $120 for 4-5 cans of generic brand white paint + painting supplies from Home Depot

Mom says:

“Aside from the sunken cost of things that I already owned an used in or revamped for his room, this came out to be $369 that we spent over the course of a year, with most of it being an upfront cost. Some cribs alone cost more than that!”

You can create an amazing room for your baby, even on a small budget! Mom & Dad did just that when they made my vintage modern gender neutral nursery. If you want to photograph your nursery, too, Caden Lane has some good photography tips to teach you how to do it. What type of nursery will you give your baby who you make their budget-friendly (and eco-friendly) nursery? Whatever you do, I know it will be amazing.

xoxo Mamas, Papas, & tiny earthling caregivers
Greyson King


Natural Childcare

natural baby products giveaway tiny green earthlingI AM ONE YEAR OLD!

That’s right, people. My parents did it – they kept me alive and even managed to teach me a lot over the course of my first year of life. We’re all so excited, and I had a wonderful first birthday party to celebrate (mommy will blog all about it soon).

Your gift to me

My first birthday wish from you all was to help me plant trees for reforestation right here in the USA. I’m so happy that we have so far raised over $115 between my donation page and Facebook donations. You can continue donating at any time!

My gift to YOU!

I’m so grateful for the love y’all show this lil’ one year old. Mom said “humbled.” It’s awesome. We should all keep giving, right? RIGHT! My birthday gift to y’all is a chance to win some pretty amazing natural baby products. Visit my Instagram page (this post) to learn how to officially enter. Here are the brands that were so gracious to help us with this giveaway by giving one of YOU some of their amazing products! The giveaway is open to US residents only from 06 September 2017 – 20 September 2017. Winner will be announced on 21 September 2017. Instagram has nothing to do with it.

Beachfront Baby

I am a beachfront baby rep and I have the exact same sling that they will be gifting to the winner of this contest! The Repreve material in this Beachfront Baby sling is a breathable mesh made from recycled water bottles. How cool is that?! Recycled Beachfront Baby Sling made with Repreve® (purchase here) Value: $65

The Tiniest Seeds

This shop is owned by a mama blogger like my mama! She makes fun, natural, and beautiful things for little one like me. This organic cloud will be so much fun (and SAFE) for your baby to chew on and play with. You can add it to your baby gym or even a DIY mobile above your baby’s bed. Organic Cotton Cloud Toy, Baby Gym Toy (purchase here) Value: $12  

Little Ocean’s Fluff

Mama loves other mama entrepreneurs like herself. Little Ocean’s Fluff is made by a mom who loves to cloth like we do! Who can say no to a UNICORN cloth diaper? Seriously. Galaxy Unicorn Pocked Diaper (purchase here) Value: $8

Susan Brown’s Baby – Naturals

What you put ON your skin matters because it affects what’s INSIDE. Mom avoided the overly-perfumed baby hygiene products (her words, she likes to “tell it like it is”), and went for all-natural alternatives. Susan Brown’s Baby happens to be our favorite because of how well it works and the amazing light and natural scents they have. Sensitive Baby Nourshing Lotion (purchase here) Value: $13.99

Hook & Loom

Natural rugs. I was eavesdropping as Mom was having a conversation with one of her friends the other day and I found out that her friend didn’t even KNOW that a thing like “eco-friendly and natural rugs” exists! Well, folks, as mama says: “Everything can be one [and made] sustainably.” Hook & Loom has eco-friendly process to make their rugs and to protect the planet, and they are an ethical company that empower their employees instead of using and abusing them. They are providing our biggest prize – a 5×8 rug! Rugs are expensive, according to mama, so this sounds like a GREAT prize. Mom and I love their motto: “flatter your floor. protect the planet.” We stand behind that phrase 100% Toulouse Green/White Eco Cotton Loom-Hooked Rug (purchase here) Value: $320


Enter the Giveaway

Here are the steps you need to follow in order to enter this natural baby products giveaway:

1) Follow these pages on instagram:

@tinygreenearthling @beachfrontbaby @susanbrownsbaby @thetiniestseeds @littleoceansfluff

2) Sign up!

Head to our current home page (click the tinygreenearthling logo at the top of this page) and enter your information in the appropriate area: natural baby products giveaway Tiny Green Earthling
There you have it! Mommy and I are so thankful for each and every one of you and your continued support. xoxo mama, papas, and Tiny Earthling caregivers, Greyson King

All Natural, Natural Pregnancy

tips to have a comfortable and safe natural pregnancy and birthMommy has some tips for you

Mommy says that all mommies experience each of their pregnancies differently.  No two pregnancies are the same.  She also told me to tell you that no matter how a pregnancy goes, there are a few things that can definitely help.  These things helped her to have a more comfortable time while carrying me in her belly, and we hope that they can help you, too.  If a more natural pregnancy & birth pique your interest, take these tips into mind to make your pregnancy more comfy, too. Disclaimer: I’m only one year old and mom has an architecture degree, so neither of us are doctors.  It is important that you always check with your doctor before starting anything.  And hey, you may even teach your doctor something if they don’t know these tips!

Papaya Enzyme Pills – Heartburn & Acid Reflux

papaya enzymes natural pregnancy tip heartburn acid reflux - tiny green earthling When heartburn finally kicked in for Mommy (she said it happened late, and I didn’t have much hair so that makes sense if you believe the old wives’ tale about heartburn meaning baby has a lot of hair), her midwife said that Papaya Enzymes were a more natural option to help with the pain.  Papaya enzyme chewable tablets are a digestive enzyme that help to support nutrient absorption.  Poor nutrient absorption can help cause heartburn & reflux.  Our midwife also still recommended traditional medicine if the papaya enzymes didn’t seem to help, but mom said that her heartburn pain was never severe.  The papaya enzymes always helped.  My mommy really recommends the papaya enzymes as a first line of defense.  Mommy also says that they taste really good! Purchase Mommy’s favorite, Radiance Platinum Papaya Enzyme (chewable, vegan, diary-free, dye-free, & gluten-free) from CVS, or Purchase Papaya Enzymes now from Amazon

Magnesium (with Calcium) – Restlessness

natural calm magnesium with calcium during pregnancy to help sleep - tiny green earthling Mom said this helped her to sleep like a tired teenager (since we know newborn babies don’t sleep through the night), and she couldn’t have made it without it.  Towards the end of her pregnancy, I was really big and moving downward into place to be born.  My new position made it difficult for her to sleep at night.  This powdery stuff mixed in water helped her to relax and get more rest than she could without it.  You can also create this drink with juice or warm water like tea. Purchase Natural Calm Plus Calcium now on Amazon

 Rice Bags – Comfort for Pain + Cuddling

diy rice bag to help with pain - tiny green earthling Bags of rice.  Sounds like the beginning to a yummy meal, but when you fill a small cloth bag with rice, it can work wonders.  Daddy would put the rice bags in the microwave for a few minutes to heat them up, and while they were still warm, Mommy would place them on her lower back when it was hurting.  They helped her during the painful days of pregnancy, and they comforted me early on in life.  When I was small, we couldn’t really afford a co-sleeper, so mom used the rice bags to make me feel cradled and to keep me from rolling.  I would even cuddle them sometimes!  They don’t get used very often now, but she says if she’s sore for any reason, they’re always good to have on hand.

Almond Oil – Soothing Stretching Skin

NOW natural almond oil for a healthy pregnancy and easy delivery - tiny green earthling This is a bit gross, yet fascinating.  Mom said that while I was crowning (while my head was being delivered), our midwife used almond oil to pour on the area to help stretch it out and prevent tears.  Mom said it was SO helpful!  Aside from mindfulness (being prepared mentally), it helped make delivering me painless for her.  Our midwife likes to note that I had a huge noggin when I was born, haha!  Mom also used almond oil on her belly sometimes when she was pregnant.  It helped to soothe the itching as her skin expanded to accommodate my body as I grew.  Almond oil, or even olive oil, can make natural pregnancy & birth a little less painful. Purchase NOW Almond Oil now on Amazon

Education – Empower Yourself With Knowledge

literature and notes to educate yourself for a wonderful natural pregnancy and birthmom reading ina may gaskins - tiny green earthling Mom says that learning more about her body and how it actually worked to carry, grow, and birth me was an intelligent choice for her and Dad to make.  The classes that she and Daddy took prepared them for natural birth and also for what would need to happen in case of an emergency delivery.  She says it is best to know all of your options so that you don’t get afraid if something happens in a way that you didn’t plan. My parents took classes with a local group of doulas at Natural Beginnings.  The class was a hands-on, in-depth, intimate, and informal learning atmosphere.  They met at the doula’s home with 3 other expecting couples a learned about everything from the phases of pregnancy to the best ways positions for labor (hint: it’s not on your back).  Like the cared says in the photo above, mom delivered me – “side-lying with top leg elevated.”  Dad held her top leg, our midwife made sure everything went safely and smoothly, and when it was time to “catch” me, Dad and the midwife switched spots and he delivered me! Books can be helpful, too.  Mom purchased a lot of books but she felt like they were all ultimately the same.  The only book that she read thoroughly, connected to, and enjoyed was “Ina May’s Guide To Childbirth.”  It’s not much of a guide – it is more testimonials and real stories from women who have had natural childbirth.  I think that’s why she really loved it!

Doula – Help From A Loving Source

dads as doulas - tiny green earthling A doula is a person who helps women in childbirth.  Mom says that doulas are usually women who have been trained to help pregnant women leading up to and during delivery.  They typically have also assisted several other women during their pregnancy and childbirth processes.  Midwives often serve as doulas, or you can hire a doula separately from your doctor or midwife.  Daddy was Mommy’s doula.  The midwives at our birth center encouraged partners (like dad) to be the doula because they are closest to the parents giving birth.  Dad did a great job delivering me!  You can hear him talk all about it in our birth story video.

Mindset – Manifest Your Ideal Natural Pregnancy & Birth

meditation manifestation affirmations during pregnacy for an easy birth - tiny green earthling Mommy really tried to focus on believing in herself and her body when she was pregnant.  She said it can be scary when you listen to people who only say that birth is horrible, so she chose to tune them out.  Mom tried to talk to people who encouraged her and who were genuinely excited about her choice for a natural birth.  She even wrote a list of Positive Affirmations for Pregnancy to help.  When she had the time, she would repeat them to herself.  Saying positive affirmations over and over helps you to focus on the good things that you want to happen and really believe in them.   Mom believes that having this positive and empowered mindset, helper her to speak an easy natural birth into existence.  I’m glad it was relatively easy for her to give birth to me!
I’ve been told that being pregnant is beautiful, but difficult.  The kind of thing that makes you want to laugh and smile, happy cry and ugly cry, and sleep all day long.  Mom knows that love/hate relationship with pregnancy – that’s why she wanted us to share these tips to help you love it a little more.  We hope that this post helps you or someone that you love during their pregnancy so that it is a little easier! xoxo Mamas, Papas & Tiny human caregivers, Greyson & Mom

All Natural, Learning
Learning – we all accomplish it in so many different ways.  Schools that take that into consideration are top of the line, in my book.  Many countries and organizations emphasize the importance of children learning outside in nature, versus only in a classroom.  Child Care Associates of Fort Worth, TX has done just that with their latest “classroom” addition.  The Natural Playscape is an outdoor learning area for children to learn and explore by playing outdoors.  The playscape has 10 different designated areas that are designed to keep their minds engaged and growing.  It also introduces students who are predominately exposed to urban landscapes to a more natural setting. Personally, I can’t wait for the day that Greyson is old enough to go outside and explore and play and learn.  I hope to be able to use examples like the one below to create a learning oasis in our very own backyard for him.  Kara Waddell, the President & CEO of Child Care Associates, was kind enough to answer my questions about this fun new Natural Playscape.  Hopefully her answers will inspire you to get your kiddos out in nature more, too!

The Natural Playscape at Child Care Associates, Fort Worth, Texas

natural playscape Outdoor learning has been the focus of several of the greatest school methods, in my opinion. What do you think adding this style of learning will bring to the Fort Worth youth who can access it? Children in their youngest years learn through play and exploration. We know that instinctively and through extensive research. Researchers note that, for most of human existence, children have spent much of their childhood in outdoor environments where they interacted with nature regularly. Today, we find children are less connected with nature than ever before. This lack of connection is even more prevalent in urban centers and in neighborhoods of greater poverty. We at Child Care Associates believe in creating green spaces as a kind of outdoor classroom to give infants, toddlers and preschoolers in high poverty neighborhoods access to nature and to safe, green places designed to stimulate their own growth and development. Is this classroom open to homeschooling parents? Who has access to this facility? Great question! Child Care Associates provides a special niche in the early education space, working with children living at 100% poverty, including children who may be homeless or are in the foster care system. As a licensed facility, we run into state rules on who can access our play spaces. We also believe it is important that we create spaces specifically designed for these at-risk children to access during their early education day. Wouldn’t it be great to have spaces like this for the broader neighborhood, too? 3) What is the best tool/life skill you believe outdoor play equips children with? Without outdoor play, children miss out on both physical activity and nature-related learning that helps children develop observation and problem-solving skills, science and math abilities, imagination, creativity, and a sense of wonder that is the basis for lifelong learning.  From a sustainability lens, connecting children to nature help instill appreciation and understanding of the natural world – both necessary in creating the next generation of environmental stewards. How would you explain the importance of outdoor play to a parent who doesn’t see the value in it? We are opening our first natural playscape and classroom now. Helping parents see the value of nature-based learning and play will be a challenge for our teachers and leadership, but one that our passionate team is ready for. Many parents of our children also grew up with limited exposure to nature and have more dislike than appreciation for time outside. However, our initial response from parents thus far? They love it! Parents of all incomes seem to instinctively know their children need time outdoors and the freedom to explore and play. 5) What are 3 tips/activities you can give parents to lead their own children in outdoor play to help them have fun while learning in an outdoor setting? * Let children explore and discover on their own. Follow their lead in what seems interesting. * Start early! Even infants and toddlers love to be outside and discover the feeling of bark on trees. * Go ahead and let them get a little dirty. We’ve included a messy materials station in our outdoor playscape, something we lovingly call the “mud pie station.” It’s a favorite of all! If a parent wanted to construct a mini educational outdoor play area in their own back yard, which area of the upcoming Natural Playscape would you encourage them to model it after? We love this idea! Young children don’t need expensive equipment to enjoy being outside. A few tips: For younger children, gather outdoor “supplies” that may be fun for them: a bunch of rocks (big enough to avoid putting in their mouths), a variety of sticks, small logs, leaves, or flowers. Children can learn about texture, weight, and building. Ask them to build or draw an object using the supplies! Small gardens or even pot gardens are wonderful ways for children to learn to tend for plants, learn to water, watch the growth, and eventually understand where their food comes from. There is nothing quite like the smell of fresh lavender or the burst of flavor in a vine-ripened cherry tomato that a child has planted herself. Remove any obvious dangers – access to yard tools, chemicals, etc. – so they can explore without too many “no’s” from Mom or Dad. You want to create an area that you can completely encourage your child to explore. How do parents get their children involved with CCA? Child Care Associates is the largest child development nonprofit in this area of North Texas but with a specialty niche of focusing on our most at-risk children and families. We are looking for small organizations who may want to take on a community project to help build and fund additional outdoor playscapes in high poverty neighborhoods. Volunteering would be a wonderful family activity. A Kiwanis club, Junior League, church or women’s organization can help adopt the development of a future site – or raise funding needed for the landscape developers who make these possible. Please share any information about CCA that you’d like my readers to know about – i.e. How to support, how to learn more about it, how to contact you, how to get involved, etc. For every $1 we receive locally, we’re able to draw down $4 in national funding to help ensure we have these services at the neighborhood level for the long haul. For more information on how to get involved, visit Child Care Associates.
There you have it!  Plenty of reasons to get out and let your kids explore and learn outdoors.  I plan to get Greyson started early with hikes, playing with grass, and swimming this summer.  Don’t forget to donate to CCA so that children who are less likely able to be exposed to nature and great educational opportunities will have the chance to experience the wonders of learning, too. xoxo mama, papas & tiny human caregivers, Addie

Style & Clothing

A little half white and half black boy’s dream

In the words of Biggie, “It was all a dream!” Freedom from slavery was a dream. Safely walking down the street while having brown skin was a dream. A white man marrying a black woman was a dream. Equal rights for all was a dream.  And still is. It is my dream that I won’t have to fear for this little boy’s life simply because hate causes some people to find his beautiful skin a threat. We are dreamers and we are fighting for what’s right to no longer be a dream, but to be a reality. equality dream happy baby “It was all a dream” shirt by Little Outfitters Co. xoxo mamas, papas & tiny human caregivers, Addie  

Natural Childcare

susan brown's baby natural skincare

Natural Baby Skincare

From the day I found out that I was pregnant, I have been obsessed with sourcing organic, natural, and eco-friendly products for Old World New Baby.  I already knew some brands that I wanted to avoid and others that I wanted to test out.  I was super excited to learn about even more brands along the way.  Instagram is the best place to do that, in my opinion.  Search a hashtag like #naturalparenting and you can find fellow parents, natural parenting conferences, and products.  Instagram is where I discovered Susan Brown’s Baby Natural Skin Care products, and I’m so glad that I happened upon their posts one day.

Susan Brown’s Baby

We’ve tested out the Foaming Shampoo & Body Wash and the Sensitive Baby Nourishing Lotion, and our overall reaction is that of pure delight!  Greyson’s hair and scalp are different from any I’ve experienced before.  He’s biracial, and even though I’ve combed biracial hair before, Greyson’s isn’t like what I’m used to.  It is really thin like his father’s hair, and it gets really oily in just one day.  He also had a little cradle cap that has been difficult to get rid of.  I used grapeseed oil and gently scrubbed his scalp to help get rid of it, which has been beneficial. Using the foaming shampoo has really helped make a difference with truly cleansing his hair.  It doesn’t dry it out, and it smells really lovely.  It is also, of course, cleansing and moisturizing for his body, too.  The shampoo wash is paraben free, as well as free of other yucky chemicals. The nourishing lotion is so luxurious.  Seriously.  It is fragrance-free, but the mixture of natural ingredients inherently emit a light and delicious scent.  It has a silky texture and smoothly hydrates the skin.  Some of the ingredients in the lotion include jojoba oil, and shea and cocoa butters.  It is free of parabens, mineral oil, and fragrances.

More natural baby skincare products

Susan Brown’s Baby also offers other great natural baby skincare products!  The lotion-to-powder revolutionizes powder by removing the talc that makes most powders harmful, and it also goes on as a lotion!  The Botanical Gelée is a natural alternative to petroleum-based baby products like vaseline or diaper creams.  Petroleum actually covers your pores while giving the illusion of moisturizing your skin, which is not healthy for your skin.  Products like the gelée help to truly moisturize and protect the skin from wetness. susan brown's baby natural skincare susan brown's baby natural skincare susan brown's baby natural skincare susan brown's baby natural skincare susan brown's baby natural skincare susan brown's baby natural skincare susan brown's baby natural skincare Bath time can be hit or miss with the little ones.  Some days it’s fun, other days it can be a battle.  Natural products like Susan Brown’s Baby Natural Skin Care line make bath time safe and fun, and the scents help to calm the mood.  If they don’t calm baby down, they’ll at least calm mama or papa haha!  Parents, give Susan Brown’s Baby a try.  Friends, buy them for the sweet babies in your life.  They offer basic gift sets and deluxe gift sets which are great for baby showers or sip-and-sees.  Treat your baby’s skin the best way possibly – that’s naturally! xoxo mamas, papas, and tiny human caregivers Addie  

Natural Childcare

beyonce pregnant with twins - beyonce's babies

Beyoncé’s Babies

BEYONCÉ IS PREGNANT WITH TWINS!  Wooo..  Got that out.  Not that anyone doesn’t already know – the entire world seems excited.  I’ve personally been sharing her beautiful maternity photos like crazy.  They are so artistic and gorgeous!  I learned that her photographer for them, Awol Erizku, beautifully recreates 15th-century Flemish portraiture.  I’m sure the photos have a lot of personal meaning to Beyonce and her family, as well.  Blue looks so cute in the photos that she appears in, too! I’ve rounded up some luxurious eco-friendly baby products that I hope Queen Bey would approve of.  These gifts and essential items are natural and good for baby, and very stylish!  You all will love them, too.

Bonjour Baby Basket

bonjour baby basket sustainable baby products You will definitely win “best gift” if you show up to Beyoncé’s baby shower with this classy and curated basket!  There are several styles of baskets to choose from with different themes.  Full of cute clothes, safe and chemical-free skin care products and toys, the Bonjour Baby Basket is perfect for the little Bey twins.  Don’t forget to take one for each!  Get your Bonjour Baby Basket here.

Oeuf Baby Bed

oeuf sustainable baby bed I love the beautiful, clean lines and modern styles of the Oeuf baby cribs.  They have conversion kits that help you transform the crib into toddler beds as your kiddo grows.  The green part?  The beds are sustainably produced, they use eco-MDF, and all finishes are water based and non-toxic.  They even go beyond just sustainable products – the cardboard packaging is made from recycled material, and they practice responsible recycling.  I could definitely see Blue Ivy sneaking in to check on her baby brothers/sisters while they nap in this beautiful crib.  Get your Oeuf Baby Bed here.

Finn + Emma Rattle Buddy

finn + emma rattle buddy sustainable toy Finn + Emma has so many great eco-friendly baby products that I rant and rave about quiet often.  This time I decided to go with something simple and cute.  Any Knowles-Carter kiddo would love.  Your kiddo would love it, too!  This little plush rattle is hand knit in Peru from 100% organic cotton yarn and stuffed with sheep’s wool.  It is fair trade and the inks & dyes used are eco-friendly.  Get your Finn + Emma Rattle Buddy here.

Aden + Anais Swaddles

aden and anais natural muslin swaddle Made from natural, durable muslin, these swaddles are perfect for the newest members of the Carter dynasty.  They are soft and breathable, and have the cutest designs!  Get your Aden + Anais Swaddles here.


Natursutten natural butterfly pacifier These pacifiers will come in handy when the twins wake each other up after Bey & Jay finally get one asleep!  Made from 100% natural rubber from the Hevea brasiliensis tree, they are super safe for babies.  Natursutten also makes teething toys and glass bottles that the Carter twins would love as they get older.  Get your Natursutten Pacifier here. Natural products are for all babies, and it is so exciting to shop for them.  Beyoncé’s babies will definitely have the best of all things.  When you ask yourself “What Would Beyoncé Buy?” think of these all natural products to keep baby safe, and the world their inheriting clean. xoxo mamas, papas, and tiny human caregivers, Addie