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Mom said that she and Dad should teach me about what Christmas is really about – giving, spreading love, and basking in the holiday cheer. She says I have so many toys already, and she really doesn’t like how the holidays have become all about shopping. Therefore, she has set a limit on the number of gifts that I get each year. FOUR. Yep, just four. Well, she says that FOUR is the number to start with. keep reading

eco-friendly at target baby productsMommy loves Target, I just go along for the ride and hope she gets me something. My hope usually comes true. The Starbucks juice and milk are… juice and milk. They makes me happy. My favorite is the toy aisle. Oh! And The Dollar Spot. Mommy likes EVERY aisle. I mean EVERY AISLE. We go up and down them several times. I’m not exactly sure why, but it seems to make her happy. Of course we always visit the eco-friendly aisle and areas. These are the eco-friendly baby products that we love at Target. keep reading

Children are made readers on the laps of their parents
– Emilie Buchwald
From Addie, Greyson’s Mom:

Why we feature Greyson’s Book of the Week

Access to books at home is imperative to foster high literacy and learning skills for children. No matter what your income, skin color, or background is, books really do “take you places.” We try to read to/with Greyson every night. We’re not perfect – we may go 2 weeks without reading, but then we pick back up like we never left off. It is amazing to see how he already mimics reading. He LOVES it. We want to share our love for reading with you each week in hopes that you’ll learn about fun books and get a laugh out of our goofy antics. keep reading

Home Decor, Thrift

Black, White, and Wood Tones

“Vintage modern gender-neutral nursery” – that’s Mama’s description of my all-white nursery with black triangle decal accent wall and vintage wooden furniture. Mom loves my nursery – it’s her favorite room in the house. Based on the amount of love and work she put into it, I see why! I like it a lot, too. My favorite part is the newly new “Montessori” area. It has a mirror, instruments, my rocking chair, and lots of wooden toys.
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All Natural, Natural Pregnancy

tips to have a comfortable and safe natural pregnancy and birthMommy has some tips for you

Mommy says that all mommies experience each of their pregnancies differently.  No two pregnancies are the same.  She also told me to tell you that no matter how a pregnancy goes, there are a few things that can definitely help.  These things helped her to have a more comfortable time while carrying me in her belly, and we hope that they can help you, too.  If a more natural pregnancy & birth pique your interest, take these tips into mind to make your pregnancy more comfy, too. Disclaimer: I’m only one year old and mom has an architecture degree, so neither of us are doctors.  It is important that you always check with your doctor before starting anything.  And hey, you may even teach your doctor something if they don’t know these tips!

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All Natural, Learning
Learning – we all accomplish it in so many different ways.  Schools that take that into consideration are top of the line, in my book.  Many countries and organizations emphasize the importance of children learning outside in nature, versus only in a classroom.  Child Care Associates of Fort Worth, TX has done just that with their latest “classroom” addition.  The Natural Playscape is an outdoor learning area for children to learn and explore by playing outdoors.  The playscape has 10 different designated areas that are designed to keep their minds engaged and growing.  It also introduces students who are predominately exposed to urban landscapes to a more natural setting. Personally, I can’t wait for the day that Greyson is old enough to go outside and explore and play and learn.  I hope to be able to use examples like the one below to create a learning oasis in our very own backyard for him.  Kara Waddell, the President & CEO of Child Care Associates, was kind enough to answer my questions about this fun new Natural Playscape.  Hopefully her answers will inspire you to get your kiddos out in nature more, too!

The Natural Playscape at Child Care Associates, Fort Worth, Texas

natural playscape keep reading

Style & Clothing

A little half white and half black boy’s dream

In the words of Biggie, “It was all a dream!” Freedom from slavery was a dream. Safely walking down the street while having brown skin was a dream. A white man marrying a black woman was a dream. Equal rights for all was a dream.  And still is. It is my dream that I won’t have to fear for this little boy’s life simply because hate causes some people to find his beautiful skin a threat. We are dreamers and we are fighting for what’s right to no longer be a dream, but to be a reality. keep reading

Natural Childcare

susan brown's baby natural skincare

Natural Baby Skincare

From the day I found out that I was pregnant, I have been obsessed with sourcing organic, natural, and eco-friendly products for Old World New Baby.  I already knew some brands that I wanted to avoid and others that I wanted to test out.  I was super excited to learn about even more brands along the way.  Instagram is the best place to do that, in my opinion.  Search a hashtag like #naturalparenting and you can find fellow parents, natural parenting conferences, and products.  Instagram is where I discovered Susan Brown’s Baby Natural Skin Care products, and I’m so glad that I happened upon their posts one day. keep reading