17 Positive Pregnancy Affirmations for Your First Trimester

17 Positive Pregnancy Affirmations for Your First Trimester

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1. the action or process of affirming something or being affirmed.
2. emotional support or encouragement.

Ok, so I’m no life coach or positivity public speaker, and as such I thought the best way to start this post was with a definition.  I would like to share with you all how the power of positive affirmations has greatly enhanced my thinking and feeling, and I hope that it can do the same for you.  There truly is power in words.  One of my favorite words is the Hebrew term “abracadabra,” which means “I create as I speak.”  If you believe that you create as you speak, you might benefit from positive affirmations, too.

How it works: positive affirmations are meant to be repeated out loud (or in your mind if you’re in public) while truly focusing on the words and believing in what you are saying.  A lot of times the focusing is easy and the believing is hard, or vice versa.  But when you clear your mind and do this (think of it like a moment of meditation), the words begin to permeate your being and really influence you on several levels.  It can be really empowering!

I’m going to list some affirmations that have helped me so far in my pregnancy.  I’ve italicized words that I believe to be very important t focus on and emphasize to yourself.  The first trimester comes with its own set of worries – the threat of miscarriage, feeling drained and sick, being very emotional for reasons you can’t even comprehend (good ole’ hormones), plus more than I care to list out since we’re going for positivity here.  Let’s counteract those scary thoughts and get started with positive words and affirmations.

  • My body was made for this.
  • I am deserving of an easy and uncomplicated pregnancy.
  • I trust that my body knows exactly what it is doing.
  • My baby is growing just as s/he should.
  • My body is strong and capable.
  • My growing body is beautiful because of its power.
  • My pregnancy is a gift.
  • I am healthy, my body is healthy.
  • I make the best decisions for myself and my baby.
  • I am energized.
  • I am excited!
  • I am well cared for by myself and my loved ones.
  • My body accepts and protects this baby.
  • Despite difficulties, I remain energized, strong and healthy.
  • I am a great mother!
  • I form a harmonious union with my doctor/midwife/doula.
  • I feel confident that every change my body goes through is for my baby’s good.

After saying these a few times and truly feeling the power of the words, how do you feel?  I hope that they help you to feel stronger, relaxed, confident, beautiful, and like the amazing mama that you are.  If you like the affirmations, let me know, and I will share more in between the times that I plan to share for each trimester, and I will share them on social media, too!  If there’s anything that you feel like I should add or change, let me know that, too.  Just remember that your words have the power to create your reality since you tend to believe what you think and say.  Don’t speak negativity into your life, speak only positivity.  Even if it is hard to believe it because of current difficult circumstances, speak positivity until you believe it.

*disclaimer: I am not a doctor of any sort, these are just my opinions.  If something is medically wrong, please seek professional help.  I understand that some affirmations may go against the actual nature of your pregnancy.  The are not meant to be magical solutions, only a way to calm our hearts and minds.  Use them as such.


xoxo mamas, papas and tiny human caregivers

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